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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 11, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm CET

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ten captured were hints of muslims last september during its operation in the western state of rakhine the army insisted the men were terrorists and what appeared to be a rare it mission of wrongdoing rights groups say the killings are just the tip of the iceberg. the saudi led coalition fighting in yemen has said it for to an attack on a saudi a tanker by who the fighters over the weekend the coalition destroyed a boat carrying explosives near the red sea port of. saudi forces have been fighting the rebels in yemen sectarian civil war for over two years. here in berlin it's the final day of exploratory coalition talks between chancellor angela merkel's conservatives and the social democrats almost four months after voters went to the polls the parties have set themselves a deadline of tonight to decide whether they can agree on terms merkel's conservative bloc and sitting down for its fifth day of discussion with the central
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left s.p.v. two sides are said to have made progress on issues like taxation in clean energy but have left the more sensitive policy disagreements until today if successful the c.d.u. will enter into a formal cold into a formal coalition to go she asians with e.s.p. led by martin schultz not germany could face pressed elect fresh elections and an uncertain future for chancellor merkel the chancellor spoke briefly to the media on the way into those talks take a listen to what she had to say. you know more can often be there are still big hurdles to overcome. he stopped through the t.v. was speaking for my party i can say that i will be as constructive as possible in our search for compromises. but of course we are also aware that we want to deliver the right kind of deal for the country. with this.
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is going to be a hard day and i'm going into it with full of energy and talked into this new dimension of the public expects solutions from us and that's the spirit my party and i will be pursuing in these talks today through the wall but that's not. as covering those exploratory talks she joins us now from outside the social democrat headquarters here in berlin to tell us mckayla chancellor merkel there saying that voters expect their political leaders to provide solutions all those leaders any closer to liberate them. that's the big questions that the all sides going into these negotiations here at the social democrat headquarters are being decided the upbeat but they keep stressing what a tough struggle lies ahead of them with key issues still unresolved we understand that intense discussions are still going on on the issue of migration where the
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conservative and of going to michael's own party wants to see the c.d.c. wants to see further cuts in benefits for people who claim asylum here and many but also renewed restrictions on people with unless asylum status for them not to be able to bring their relatives to germany safely and on a legal basis now those working groups are still talking to each other so we don't really know the details of all sides keep stressing that nothing is decided until everything is decided here at the same time that statement that we saw from the german chancellor only lasted one minute that's significantly less than martin schulz spoke the social democrat leader who certainly has to deliver something if he can bring his own posse on board to continue these talks after all this will be put to a vote any kind of agreement that could be found during this process of coalition
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talks and the grassroots of the social democrats would have the final say so he has to deliver something here we're just seeing a picture of the s.p.d. party leader he says his party has a clear requirement for any possible coalition with chancellor merkel's conservatives quickly here what he had to say. if we enter into this kind of a government then it must be under the condition that this government makes europe stronger we'll be discussing that this morning and it's something we basically all support. because what role is europe playing in these coalition talks. well it is an overarching issue i mean it has an impact on trade and everything and all sides are very much aware in fact they also agree that there needs to be a positive signal a positive oncet towards french president manuel mccall who's grand vision for europe for a closer europe a more integrated euro zone have been on the table for months now and germany is unable to deliver an answer now the difference is there are that particularly the
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c.d.c. this is a party of anger merkel's party fears close integration feel fear is that there could be some financial liabilities attached to that having to basically vote for debts of other countries this is been a very long standing issue here in europe but what is the democrat leader put down there as a condition i would expect to be an issue they very much see eye to eye on in the end and that can be resolved so i guess there will be more talk on the detail on the nitty gritty german issues. going on here at the s.p.d. headquarters with a very open and we don't know how long this will last today. if these exploratory talks are successful what happens next what's the roadmap for germany forming a government. well first of all both parties just ships would be debating them and then there is. a party gathering on the twenty first of january of the
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social democrats a party conference that would have to the green have to give the green light for proper coalition talks to go ahead and once any kind of coalition agreement the kind of marriage agreement of this a marriage of political necessity really is on the table that's when the social democrat grassroots would get to vote on this and this really could become a cliff where everything could still fail which would also put big question marks over the leadership of german chancellor angela merkel. a political correspondent thank you so much for. you're watching the news still to come digging out survivors more than a dozen people are still missing in southern california after deadly mudslides tore a path of destruction through towns already hit by wildfires. well it's official germany's economy has had a boom year twenty seventeen going on that's right terry germany continues to ride
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its economic system success story with booming employment of buoyant stock market and bulging state coffers the german economy grew two point two percent in twenty seventeen official data published thursday shows that's the fastest growth in six years in twenty fifteen germany's gross domestic product rose one point seven percent a year later the economy grew one point nine percent and as we've just heard last year germany's g.d.p. edged up two point two percent according to the national statistics office happen well products made in germany up popular around the world german exports have been on the rise for years the country is also spirit a construction boom because saving doesn't bring any returns due to near zero interest rates german consumers have been on a very ungentlemanly shopping spree last year now what does that mean and let's bring in our financial correspondent daniel koch who's standing by
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in frankfurt no apparently he's not. i'm here. there is the ideal but just these one of things for you two point two percent of growth g.d.p. growth in germany last year is everybody happy over there frankfurt. well i figure that we're talking pretty much every day here about new records yes the german economy is strong it was strong in two thousand and seventeen it's most likely also going to be strong in two thousand and eighteen as well the immediate reaction at the stock exchange i guess you can see it in the background shares were actually jumping and they were appreciating that that's what investors are telling me also senor economist of unit credit bank was stating a little bit earlier that germany is really jumping from success to success but in two thousand and eighteen there are still some factors that could be harming the economy as well breck's is still a very big topic some are saying that at the end of brics it could be also become
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quite expensive for germany and then we still have this i'm going crisis off the united states with north korea with two presidents who are very unpredictable what they are going to do and you also have to talk about the surplus production of germany that's not making everybody happy donald trump has been criticizing it also other european countries are suffering because of this so yeah not everybody is happy today those german figures are not really representative of what's going on in the eurozone over all of it and no they are not i mean there are other countries that are really struggling as spain for example a country with a very high unemployment numbers also the economy there is not growing as strong even in france for example emmanuel mcconnell really has a hard time to get all his. reforms that he wants to have through so yeah those numbers are really not represented for the entire eurozone gephardt so good news
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from germany but it makes picture across europe thank you very much donna in frankfurt. well one contributing factor to those growth figures has been tourism germany's tourism boom for an eighth consecutive year the latest report from the german statistics office predicts the nation had a record breaking four hundred fifty nine million overnight stays in twenty seventeen that will be three percent more than the year before it follows news that twenty nine point six million tourists stated accommodation establishment or campsites in just november alone domestic tourists made up the majority of guests while foreign visitors counted for eighteen percent. as cars are turning into computers on wheels these days carmakers are increasingly using the consumer electronics show in las vegas as a forum to show off their newfound tech and green credentials they're desperate to
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promise as low emissions self driving technology within a matter of years not decades and this year the demonstrations in las vegas begin before you even get to the convention center. tito paean vision of a driverless future is already taking shape before a visit even reaches the c.e.o.'s. self driving taxis like this b.m.w. awaiting to take them there for now there's still a human driver on hand for emergencies but on this trip he's not needed. it's. a test signal sixty degree sensing radar sensing lives are sensing and vision and defused that information together so we can combine basically the readings and the track all the objects want i don't often get when this toyota goes into service there'll be no need for human backup it's a joint development between amazon and pizza hut. the transporter can carry twenty
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passengers but it can also double as a mobile office or the bar a tree or even a delivery van becomes in sixteen different versions expected to debut at the tokyo olympics in twenty twenty toyota says it's on course for the future technology is changing quickly and the race is on. germany's mercedes is opting for private automobiles the luxury carmaker strategy includes onboard driver entertainment with highly promising artificial intelligence it should hit the road inside two months if you are driving everything in the morning at seven o'clock to your office why do you have to type in your address in the vehicle at seven in the morning or you have to ask why the car doesn't tell you on your own that i've bought and set your navigation to your office address and it gets get into the car and it just drives the way you drive it and you don't have to interact with the navigation system at
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all comparable pictures the next zero s u v powered by a fuel cell it converts hydrogen into electricity to drive the vehicle emitting only steam the next hour. main advantage of a standard battery driven e-cards is that hydrogen can be pumped as fast as petrol the drawback is that there aren't many hydrogen filling stations yet. whichever model comes to dominate future mobility the chances are it's already on show at this year's c.s. . that's all from me on the business team here now it's back to terry with the i'm going on rest in tunisia yes it's not looking good has been rocked by a third night of violent clashes as unrest over government imposed price hikes intensify riot police have used tear gas to disperse protesters in the capital tunis and four other cities one man has died scores have been injured and more than three hundred arrested now the prime minister has warned rioters to expect heavy security presence on the streets. not even threats of
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a clamp down could keep them away hundreds of disaffected tunisians clashed with riot police and another long night of violent unrest with both sides trading tear gas and drops. some coming off wash for when. i was trying to talk to one of the policemen and suddenly one of them helped me with his baton. seven years ago it was the cradle of the arab spring after a revolt against rising costs that revolution may now be history but its spirit and its cause lives on for many in the rural heartland economic frustrations confusion go hand in hand. this is how we had to endure these clashes after a day of work. even our boss was attacked with tear gas. we need to find
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a solution for our youth politicians raised our living costs a lot don't they take a pay cut we have to suffer taking two buses to the factory town just one hundred euros. this week one protester paid with his life and dozens more have been injured as economic hardship leaves its mark on. to california and the united states where rescue workers are searching for more than a dozen people still missing after devastating mudslides and flooding hit coastal areas this week seventeen people have died in a round one hundred homes have been destroyed the devastation struck early tuesday after a winter storm drenched hillsides that had been stripped bare by wildfires last month the hills came crashing down on mt to sado early on tuesday morning to made is of rain fell in just fifteen minutes that unleashed
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a stream of mog and said she is careening on to mt to save those who side mansions residents describe it as an apocalyptic saying sky lit up because some buildings had blown up the gas mains it turns out so here's all this fire coming down i mean and fire going up and there's all this rain coming down and you wonder why it was happening more than a day later the scale of the devastation is becoming clear this was one of the us is busiest freeways now it's a cesspool. and the city's beach too is dotted with people's cars five fighters have been searching here for those buried in the mud and they've been searching and more to see does neighborhoods to. there are just ten thousand residents many have lost friends and neighbors. the neighborhood is small every single name that turns up is someone's dad some cousins teacher and that's got to
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be the worst part of it all i think they're just happy for everyone that makes it. fourteen year old lauren canton is lucky to have survived five five is polluted from the wreckage of a home in the mud slides off the mob on wednesday they rescued three most of five is more than a dozen others are reported missing. sports now an n.b.a. basketball is coming to europe at least for a game the boston celtics and philadelphia seventy six ers are getting ready for a showdown on thursday night in london's o two arena fans have flooded into the british capital from across europe to see two of the league's brightest young teams go head to head. the boston celtics season got off to a shaky start when the small forward golden haywood went off injured in the very first gate but led by kyrie irving they've been the surprise story of the
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campaign and now lead the eastern conference. the point guards talked about what it will take to win in london this is the labor. party that's a. really good place to bring some. of the philadelphia seventy six is for a playoff spot behind the celtics off the posting losing records for the past five seasons including winning only ten games in the two thousand and fifteen sixteen campaign they've rebounded with the help of australian food ben simmons but the rookie knows success won't come overnight. it takes time so to rodgers they. are short on time those guys really do here so here's a picture of. course for them it takes time to. still the seventy
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six ers are excited about their young dynamic squad and the chance to take the celtics down in london. now to the end of one of the most extraordinary athletic careers of all time french friend. has announced his retirement from competitive sports at the tender age of one hundred six the record setting cyclist has done just about everyone for staying power but now he's saying goodbye to the bike. the end of an era for the man who's outlasted them all. one hundred six year old sean has quit cycling with a string of world records to his name the last of those came one year ago when he set the record in his age group for distance cycled in an hour twenty two point five kilometers he said he could have gone further the centenarians remarkable life has taken him far beyond cycling he's had stints as a firefighter in paris a sugar cane plant to invent as well and
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a lumberjack in canada he was also in prison during world war two his long life and multitude of experiences have given him a sanguine perspective on mortality. you know sir it takes nine months to come into this world and then only thirty seconds to kick the bucket. his life on two wheels has come to an end now for. it's on to the next adventure. keep on truckin you're watching the news from for a lead we have more for you coming up at the top of the next hour don't forget you can get all our stories online at www dot com thanks for watching.
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no these characters have not stumbled out of the computer game into our reality. their artworks find young hunt conquered from sweden made news beats. pixel art become street art. the limbs mind is. the romance. on. ukraine a village surrounded by trenches. the second
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a rocket could destroy someone's home electricity water and food are in short supply how could anyone still live here. near the separatist front line and her children are holding out. ukraine and surviving in the no man's land. in sixty minutes. on freedom and whole. world i come from the region is rich in history skyline talents but so poor any of your creation opportunity and freedom this makes it especially difficult for independent druggists i see many of the younger promising journalists are now making names for themselves all over the world. song live the way some might follow some with continue. their experience of freedom a sense is like the experience of death you can visit but your call coming back
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from the. mining district forgotten i work you know but. hi everybody a warm welcome to your own max today we start off with an ice cold topic so wrap up warm and enjoy the show here's what's coming up. cold as ice spent the night in the snow village in northern finland. last from the cost of an old world war two bunker became a luxury residence. and meet in time to get some useful tips for an orderly
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home. for office destination we ventured to one of the northernmost regions of europe and the third installment of our series ice cold well off to lapland a sparsely populated area which is covered in snow for over five months of the year because of those cold conditions artists from around the world join fulls to create a so-called snow village in the finnish municipality of kitty let they create frozen sculptures up installations and even entire buildings in fact if you don't mind the cold too much you can stay in a hotel room made of ice but just for one night and don't let the frost bite.
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why do you need village lies tucked away amid the snowy woods one hundred fifty kilometers north of finland's arctic circle it was built entirely from snow and ice the snow village covers some twenty thousand square meters ice artist romney taco is one of its creators. for me experienced that i'm living my dream here in la i swore i would be by the nature and i can verify with the material which is even bringing me closer to that nature and it feels so good to be able to share this experience with the guests who obviously being in the snow or it's. this year's theme is game of thrones artists have carved characters and scenes from the hit t.v. series out of ice visitors can even spend a night here. and guest staying in one of the ten igloo suites can sleep beside a white walker character. the body heat of two guests lets the temperature inside
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the igloo rise from minus five to zero degrees celcius the creators recommend spending no more than one night in these frosty temperatures a night for two costs three hundred fifty euros. stephen marr and his partner lena zagel spent a night here curled up in sleeping bags suitable for subzero temperatures and additional fleece leaving banks comfortable hardly. obviously office called i guess that makes it so adventurous and you've got these warm floral pattens here so waking up to them in the cold morning is really special but it is a motive and there's a sort of hospice on it was. a new ice hotel has been built for seventeen years in a row now ice and snow artists from all over the world come here to build the snow village. over the course of a month they use some twenty million kilos of snow and three hundred fifty thousand kilos of ice the. lighting is very important part of the art
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itself so one part is making that finding the art of from the snow but then it's also like hoff of the experience is the myth if properly then it's really comes alive. rami offers ice sculpture workshops with his support stephen moore and his wife transform a block of ice into and intricately. as it helps i knew it would be more difficult for just i didn't think it would be possible to actually carve a leaf out of a block of ice in just one hour the. ice is very brittle but little mistakes can be fixed using body bits can be reattached that are broken all. as and when the tough to use either works in an entirely new light because now we know much more about this because we've used the tools held them in our own hands
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and tried it out see the one a few taps of that really gives you a different perspective on works the tough one not easy and then can stack it and all and it's out of. this dragon was carved from twelve tons of ice. in the village attracts visitors from around the globe at the bar they can order drinks in the box as the glasses are made of ice. the guests can even marry here many couples tie the knot in the ice chapel. and there's an igloo restaurant. and i am either from inside the sixteen me there or she's having two hundred square metres of floor area and if you feel cold then this is one place to make you feel much more warmer because everybody in. most of them you have fooled into stomach you'll start to feel much more warmer eating here is a curious experience. to be
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a cold and exists a cold and will keep you kept on a name to eat from it this week will be pretty quickly because it gets cold said quickly. with mark. i didn't mean to do it and you can like stick to it you put your arms or anything on it. ice art is a hands on experience but by april temperatures began rising and the beautiful creation start to melt. to be honest of course it feeds are a little bit sad when everything melts down but at the same time it's so fascinating the work with the material and the are that what you are creating is only existing structure a short amount of time before disappearing so everything with this here you can experience only in the one winter when you come back in the next three enter you come and see the same art anymore. the artists already have some ideas for next
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year's thing but before spring arrives thousands more visitors will flock here to see their unique winter wonderland. let's get up to date on what else is happening around europe we kick off our express with some cool kicks as berlin jumps onto the snake a train. balance public transport system has teamed up with abby does truly think it's best limited edition sneakers. just five hundred pairs will be produced inspired by the patterns on the seats in berlin subway cars. a yearly pulse is woven into the shoes tongue so where is get unlimited travel around the capital until the end of twenty eighteen. this is by no means the first publicity stunt recently the transport company and now the irish rock band the you
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too to give a surprise concert at a subway station on its new to line. and to pep up its image the transport company commissioned some eccentric voices. to night she said edition of the men's wear trade fair p t a woman opened in florence italy on tuesday twelve hundred thirty italian and international brands and two hundred twenty seven labels showing their autumn and winter collections for twenty eighteen to twenty nine thousand on the grounds of the old city fortress for a tent set up. this year finland is the official guest country. and in the coming days call not affect its plans to unveil his new men's fashion project. they held philharmonia concert hall is landmark and the favorite with the public
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the building which overlooks hamburg opened officially with a concert in light show one year ago. by the end of twenty seven teams some four and a half million people had visited the viewing platform and some eight hundred fifty thousand had attended a concert in the new building. it took nearly a decade to build the concert hall and the costs as to make it at seventy seven million rose to ten times that. living in a nazi era bunker sounds like heavy concrete heavy history and little daylight but seeing the building in a mixed report might change your mind in today's euro max deluxe we're featuring a former air raid shelter in the southern german city of munich despite its dark and gloomy wartime origins a local property developer has managed to bring light m to life into its thick
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concrete walls not the easiest of tusks but he certainly rose to the challenge see for yourself. i situated near a busy intersection in district. it is under the preservation order the bank was built in one nine hundred forty three to protect up to seven hundred people during air raids now it's one of munich's most unusual residences. i'll show you around. real estate developer he lives. in an apartment spread over three floors he has four hundred square meters of. the furnishings reflect a mix of styles. the elements provide
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a contrast to the cold steel that. has deliberately left the buildings original structure exposed in some places. first time i came in here i found it quite oppressive the walls are two meters thick and none of the seven floors had an opening to the outside that's not something you normally experience usually at some point there's light air and a view of the outside. of the first thing he did was to have one window. full windows. when stepped on their. twenty ten this is what the bank without windows fourteen construction workers spent nearly seven months causing the openings into the two need to take concrete. we took out two thousand tons of concrete for the openings roughly the weight of two thousand trucks it was quite
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a challenge but that wasn't the only one. there was also the question of how to approach the whole idea of turning a building from the nazi era into a place to live. how does one leave a link to the past and leave that.


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